The idea of Azone Fitness was first Est. 2012, with the goal of creating and developing a brand idea/concept within the fitness industry. After a long inspired journey our path has brought us to here.

What is Azone Fitness?

Azone Fitness literally means ‘A Zone of Fitness’.
Regardless of sporting and physical background, whether it be Bodybuilding, Football, Tennis, Rugby etc. our message and story lies within finding your zone of fitness and zoning in.
This concept does not only apply to the gym, sports field and arenas but to all walks of life and to what you feel passionate about.
Zone in, focus and work hard at achieving your goals and being the best you can be.

Azones, in mythology, was a term anciently applied to gods and goddesses that were not the private divinities of any particular country or people. They were acknowledged as deities in every country, and worshipped in every nation. The word is etymologically derived from Greek for “without” and “country”. The Azones were to a degree above the visible and sensible deities, which were called Zonei, who inhabited some particular part of the world, and never stirred out of the district or zone that was assigned them.
This is something we strongly believe in and continue to incorporate within the quality of our clothing, media and collaborations.
Become an Azone – above visible and zoned in.