PCA PRO Danny Thomas

Danny Thomas - Sponsored Athlete

We are proud to welcome Danny to the Team – #TEAMAZ

  • How did you get into fitness?

    My first memory of being interested in fitness is primary school. I use to go to the paper shop for bodybuilding magazines when all the other kids where into cartoons – I guess its stuck with me to this day!!!

  • What motivates you?

    What motivates me is knowing that after training all these years I have been blessed with good genetics and built and foundation to improve on. My mind is telling me not to waste it and keep pushing to see how far I can go – I’m my own motivation most of times.

  • What is the ultimate goal for your fitness career and life in general?

    My ultimate goal is making sure that every one in the fitness industry knows my name,  and remember me as the guy who give it his all, proved he has what it takes through hard work, dedication and commitment – I won’t stop till that’s done!!! you could say I’m Zoned In.



Azone Fitness - The Dawn of Danny Thomas


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