Andy Conroy

Andy Conroy - Sponsored Athlete

We are proud to welcome Andy to the Team – #TEAMAZ

  • What is your ultimate goal for your fitness and life in general?

    I would really like to earn my pro status in Men’s Physique and continue to compete at the highest level¬† possible but also I want a successful client base in my Personal Training business and hopefully own my own facility one day – watch this space.

  • What motivates you?

    Seeing individuals zone in to their goals and succeed in fitness. Journey’s such as fatloss and body transformations highly motivate me to push my own body beyond limits and to see what I can achieve.

  • How did you get into fitness?

    From a very young age I played football at a high standard playing for clubs like Burnley & Preston, as I got older I started lifting weights and my obsession just grew from there.




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